A room temperature store room (less than 25 OC degrees) and size of 1500 m3 for storage of the various packaging materials, spare parts & non-cold chain products.

There are two cold store rooms of a temperature (2 to 8 OC) for storage of bulk and final products with more than 2,500 m3 in size.

Two Freezer of a temperature (-25 OC) or lower for the storage of Incoming materials requiring such low storage temperature.

The storage of rejected, recalled or returned materials are stored in a segregated area.

Materials are stored as pallet racking with proper labeling and barcoding tracking system.

Separate unloading and loading area to manage incoming & outgoing materials at controlled temperature as per GMP.

Distribution and transportation of Arabio biological products is carried out by specially equipped trucks with temperature control system from Arabia warehouse until delivery to customer warehouse.